MDN Camp 2014 Review

Arguably the biggest annual event for Muscular Dystrophy Northern, the family camp, has come and gone for another year. And sticking with the word arguably, the 2014 version was arguably the greatest yet.


Despite the cyclone which threatened to keep many people away, Narrows Park in Hamilton was bumper from Friday night until the early hours of Sunday morning. We did many activities during the three days, including wheelchair football and the infamous “Pulman Family Quiz”. My Dad is the host, yes he is that guy, and it was another loud but awesome experience. The quiz really has become one of the big highlights of these MDN Camps in the last few years. Other activities included ripper rugby, playstation tournaments on the big projector screen, and just general catching up with people from around the whole North Island.

The purpose of these camps is the catching up with people, sharing stories, and you often build some of the strongest bonds with people who are in the exact same boat as you, ie who have a disability as well or have siblings with the condition.

I like the camps for many of the reasons listed above, but for me it is just awesome to catch up with so many friends of mine, most of which I have known, or at least seen around for so many years now.

I guess with Dad being on the MDN Committee for as long as he has been has allowed me to meet a lot of people in the same boat as me, hear a lot of stories, and gain such brilliant advice through example which has guided me forward through the years. You meet many different people, some accept Muscular Dystrophy into their lives and choose to associate with others “like” themselves and the greater MDN association and its members, some choose to completely ignore the association and never show up to any of the events we put on, but they all have a unique story to tell. Now days I am on the MDN Committee, Chris has just joined as of yesterday, and there is even talk of another young man coming through the system who could join in the near future. So much work goes into all the events MDN do every year, none more so than the camp. Joy and Trevor Jenkin deserve a tremendous pat on the back for all their hard work.

It was a great weekend, and an even greater turnout, especially considering the conditions around the country over the last couple of days. Bradley summed it up dead right when he said “if you didn’t come this weekend… you made a mistake”, because it’s so true. What a fantastic young man he is by the way.

I will have a Youtube video up within the next couple of days discussing my experiences from my first ever game of wheelchair football. Hint, I had a blast and I can’t wait to play again.



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