WWE Network launches in NZ this week

The WWE Network is set to launch in New Zealand this week, and if you can afford it, the service promises to be right down the alley of wrestling fans.


For $9.99 per month, every WWE Pay-Per-View including WrestleMania is available to be streamed from your desktop, mobile device, or games console. Considering the monthly fee WWE charge for the service, this is an immediate selling point for the network.

However, the weekly flagship shows of RAW and SmackDown will not be on the network, and RAW will not be streamed live every Monday.

Without RAW in particular, it kind of feels a bit confusing in some aspects.

So, you can watch all the PPV’s, original programming (including Total Divas and Legends House), but to watch the weekly episodes of RAW and SmackDown, you have to go back to your television. As great as the network is going to be, you’ll have to stick to your MySky or DVR box to watch weekly programming.

Surely everything should be packed into the network?

But WWE cannot be blamed for this. USA Network and SyFy are still the networks that air RAW and SmackDown every week in the US.So even though it is annoying and frustrating for fans who will sign up for the network, it is understandable.

It will be interesting to see how Sky Television NZ react to the launch of the network. For a long time now, WWE has only been available on Sky, and PPV buys through Sky Arena could be seriously downgraded depending on how many people sign up to the network.

Potentially, there could come a time that Sky Television NZ will cease to air RAW and SmackDown, and potentially the PPV’s as well.

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