Robin Williams: A kind and light heart gone too soon

Robin Williams was found dead this morning in his LA home. It is been reported that the actor and comedian committed suicide after recently battling “severe” bouts of depression.


Williams was an actor known and loved the world over. Starring in movies like Jumanji, and the family favorite Mrs Doubtfire, what struck most about the comedy Williams used was how simple and kind hearted it was. Even in his stand up performances Williams was so light with the jokes he would tell.

Other movies the 63 year old actor appeared in include Flubber, RV, and he also voice acted the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin.

Tributes have been flowing in all day long for Williams.

It was reported back in July that the actor had checked himself back into rehab for alcohol problems, and following the shock death this morning, Williams’s representative told the world that the comedian had also been suffering major bouts of depression.

Twitter in especially has been raging against depression today, encouraging anyone with a mental illness to try to seek help.

Robin Williams was last in New Zealand performing at the Vector Arena in 2010 to a sell out audience.

So once again, Hollywood and the entire world must grieve in the loss of another famous actor gone all too soon, under circumstances of suicide, yet again. The family have asked for privacy during this difficult time.

Despite the age of Williams, he had so much more to give as an actor and as a comedian. But his smile, and warm sense of comedy, and surprisingly brilliant dramatic acting, will be missed. But it will live forever in the minds and hearts of all who followed the individual who beat to his own drum and lived life on his own terms.

RIP Robin. You will be missed.

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