Packed schedule could harm Blackcaps World Cup campaign

From October through till the end of March, the schedule that faces the Blackcaps this summer is staggering.

A home series against South Africa, followed by a trip to the UAE for a full test, ODI, and T20 series, before returning to NZ and less than 10 days off prior to the Boxing Day kick off of the Sri Lankan series. 

After the Sri Lankan series is done, a return couple of matches against Pakistan. 

But the big event of the summer, the Cricket World Cup itself doesn’t begin until around mid February. 


Given the amount of cricket which would most likely feature the majority of top Blackcaps players, it has to be stressed that these four series prior to the World Cup will have an impact on what many feel should be the stand alone showcase event of this upcoming summer of cricket.  

Take Brendon McCullum for example, let’s just say the Blackcaps skipper has a terrific summer, scores a handful of tons, and drives the side to victory against the likes of South Africa or Sri Lanka at home.

That is all well and good, but what if players in this Blackcaps side who the NZ public are just waiting to jump on the criticism bandwagon over all perform terrifically throughout October, November, December, and January but when it comes time for the World Cup they flop?

The answer is, it will mean absolutely nothing. 

It could be argued that the demanding schedule of this upcoming summer of cricket is nothing new to top level cricketers anyhow.

That is entirely correct.It shouldn’t effect the performance, and in cricket form has this strange way of carrying over for successive games. Take Corey Anderson for example, his blockbuster batting showcases throughout the previous summer never stopped. 

But think about it from a viewership standpoint as well. With all the cricket that is going to be played from mid October, fans may have just a little bit too much to watch. Sky TV will once again be heavily advertising the HRV T20 concept of cricket under the lights. 

There is too much cricket during this upcoming summer, and if the Blackcaps crash out of the World Cup, questions about this jammed schedule and if it was too much will inevitably be asked. 

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