John Key romps home as National dominate 2014 election night

The 2014 election is over, and John Key remains the Prime Minister of New Zealand for another three years.


Labour suffered their second worst defeat in the parties history, and were absolutely spanked by National as the votes sat at National 48.1% and Labour a very low 24.7% by the end of the night.

Make no mistake about it, with all the mass surveillance and Dirty Politics controversies that were aimed to bring down the National Party during this campaign, John Key was voted into his third successive term as Prime Minister of New Zealand in the most convincing fashion in the recent history of politics.

There are two things that stand out after last night.

The first is that you cannot buy your way into politics. After so much talk in the public mainstream media and through Twitter, Kim Dotcom remained almost silent as the votes came in, and the internet billionaire lost more than his millions last night as the much talked about Internet Mana Party went down in a fireball before the night was even halfway over.

Dotcom apologised to Hone Harawira, but was clearly a broken man as he stormed out of the function at Internet Mana headquarters.

So much for the big “moment of truth event”, and that was the moment which many will believe handed the control back to National in the election race. Kim Dotcom bombed, he couldn’t offer any evidence to overthrow Key, and for such a hyped event, that too was a factor in last nights results for the Internet Mana Party.

The second thing that stood out was that the majority of the New Zealand public, as shown by the votes, clearly prefer John Key and the National Party as the way forward for this country.

Back in 2011, John Key and his National Party won by a comfortable margin, and nobody predicted that last nights election three years later would be as convincing a win for National as in 2011. But what transpired was actually a step up from 2011, and National absolutely romped home to gain a third successive term in a row.

Much debate will be had today and over the coming weeks surrounding the pre voting numbers, and the money that the National Party threw into their campaign versus Labour.

But the question needs to be asked, where did it all go wrong for Labour in election 2014?

The answer too many will be that the policies Labour and Cunliffe pushed were actually too risky on a financial level.

David Cunliffe, in the eyes of many and also in the eyes of this blog, is a brilliant leader. He did a fantastic job for Labour in the campaign, and up until a few days ago, was a real challenger to overthrow Key’s government and return Labour to the top of New Zealand politics.

If the votes are going to indicate anything, it is that the New Zealand public went to the booths yesterday thinking that the direction their country is going in is actually not to bad, while being not perfect, but less riskier than the well intended policies that the Labour Party were offering.

It was a fascinating election last night, which included the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party outvoting the Act Party.

There will be much debate still to be had, but the Labour Party are in total destruction this morning.

John Key is the preferred Prime Minister of New Zealand as voted by the ones who matter most, the people of New Zealand.

The result cannot be argued against, but the National Party do need to address the surveillance and Dirty Politics issues in their next term in some way.

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