Lesnar retains WWE title as ending leaves much to be desired

John Cena won on the night, but WWE’s interesting ending to the main event at Night of Champions could now leave an almighty problem going forward with Lesnar still the champ.


Cena hit four “attitude adjustment” finishing moves on Lesnar, and managed to hold down the beast for three successive submission holds prior to the arrival of Seth Rollins. On the fourth “attitude adjustment”, Seth Rollins stormed the ring and destroyed what was a pretty decent main event until that point.

Cena got the win via disqualification, so that means Brock Lesnar remains the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE’s angle with the ending to Night of Champions was both obvious but also unexpected.

You can understand the idea of not having the top man Cena lose two championship matches back-to-back, but with Seth Rollins not actually going through and becoming the new champion after cashing in has potentially left an issue for the next PPV.

Fans won’t be happy with a third successive Cena/Lesnar bout, so who does Brock Lesnar defend the title against next?

Once again, WWE had the chance to end a PPV well, but chose an annoying finish which ruined the main event.

Either a convincing Lesnar win, or a slightly surprising but warm welcome regather of the belt for Cena would have been a decent ending to an otherwise awesome PPV, but the WWE creative forces went with neither, and instead chose an alternative which made many feel like the big rematch between Lesnar and Cena was really a non event all said and done.

Expect John Cena to be put into an angle with Seth Rollins beginning from tomorrow’s episode of Raw. It remains to be seen what direction the WWE decide to take Brock Lesnar and the title picture in from here.

But despite the ending, Night of Champions will go down as one of the best PPV’s that the WWE have produced this year.

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