Two and a Half Men finale could be something a little different

As reported back in May, the 12th season of CBS’s ground breaking comedy Two and a Half Men will be the last.


Rumours swirling around Hollywood since the announcement have been all about two men, Charlie Sheen and his possible return to the show for the finale, and Chuck Lorre who is rumoured to be plotting the 12th season all around one big event which will conclude in the finale.

It would be a first for Two and a Half Men if the storyline was to be plotted around one consistent theme throughout the series.

Potentially it could make the shows final season much more emotional for the audience, but where Chuck Lorre takes the characters in season 12 is a still a slight mystery.

It has been confirmed that Two and a half Men will feature gay adoption in season 12, when Alan decides he wants to adopt a child, and the only way to do so is by marrying the also straight Walden.

This confirms that rumor that Walden’s character was to marry again in season 12.

It also adds fuel to the fire of Charlie Sheen’s possible return. You’d have to think if Charlie (who is currently written to be dead in the show) does return, it would be to mock Alan’s character in some way, and a potential gay wedding with a surprise guest would be the perfect place for that.

A big question mark that remains is how Chuck Lorre writes this gay adoption storyline, and how it will impact in the big finale.

Whilst it would need to be funny, it would also need to be quite emotional and heart warming, and this is something that Chuck Lorre critics believe just isn’t possible in this particular sitcom.

But the notion that having a child adoption storyline would bring Two and a Half Men full circle is entirely true. Plus, it wouldn’t be the finale to a sitcom without a wedding, even if it were to be a gay wedding.

Storylines have traditionally been quick and snappy throughout the Two and a Half Men experience.

Only two of the seasons were the exception.

During seasons 6 and 7 it featured Charlie’s character in a relationship, but not every episode tended to focus on Charlie’s fight against monogamy.

It would be fitting for Chuck Lorre to write the 12th season of Two and a Half Men much differently than the others, purely because it is the final season, and for a show with so much history and pedigree, an ending that would leave the audience with something to remember is crucial.

Chuck Lorre knows this.

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