GTA V Next-Gen: The new features

It is always hard to gauge how successful a reboot of a game will be, but in GTA V’s case the upgraded version will be everything the original was as well as adding something new.


Rockstar’s latest entry into the GTA franchise was one of the hottest selling games in history, selling hundreds of thousands of copies within the first 24 hours after the September 17th launch date.

While the newer updated version of GTA V probably won’t sell as well, there are a number of reasons for gamers to invest in the upgrade.

First is the much anticipated debut of First Person Mode in a GTA game, allowing gamers to experience combat, driving, swimming, flying, and just walking around in free roam from a whole new experience.

Other features in the upgrade see the online player cap has been extended to 30, and classic cars from the GTA franchise are available for players to find.

The graphics have been remarkably improved, over 150 new songs have been added to the game, a new special set of missions for Michael’s character.

All GTA Online data from the original versions of the game will be able to be transferred over, allowing players to pick up from where they left off with their online characters and missions.

A big controversy for Rockstar has been the absence of Online Heists in GTA V, a promised feature which had been due to go live shortly after the original launch. Over a year later, Online Heists still are not playable as yet, but Rockstar promise that the mode is close.

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