Ryder’s New Zealand A withdrawal due to personal reasons

Jesse Ryder will not play for New Zealand A after officially withdrawing from the side this morning citing personal reasons.

1364646738_New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder out of coma

This development makes it strongly likely that Ryder will not take any part in next years Cricket World Cup, as a provisional squad for the tournament has to be announced by December 8th.

The focus from Ryder’s current employers Otago Cricket has been on Jesse’s personal well-being rather than anything to do with cricket matters following the weekend’s incident.

News broke last night that Ryder had been drinking at an Otago Volts golf day in Dunedin and didn’t make the team’s flight to Christchurch on Saturday morning.

Shortly after Ryder told Volts management he wouldn’t be available for the game against the Canterbury Kings.

It needs to be stated that there were no complaints about Ryder’s behavior while drinking. It also needs to be heavily repeated that the NZC and Otago Cricket are both behind Ryder in his decision, and neither have condemned Jesse and his decision to withdraw from the tour.

This story also confirms that Ryder is still drinking.

Otago Cricket have no drinking restrictions for any player in the team.

In many ways it is nobody’s business how little or how much the cricketer has been drinking, no complaints have been made against Ryder either.

Otago Cricket chief executive Ross Dykes is supporting Jesse in his decision to withdraw from New Zealand A.

“Otago cricket is disappointed for Jesse but a players well-being is paramount and, with that in mind, our priority is to help him to the best outcome possible.”

Talk in the news last night was that Ryder would pull out of the New Zealand A tour to the UAE, and this morning NZ Cricket confirmed that Ryder had decided to pull out of the tour due to personal reasons.

And so,

The biggest story of this is that due to the withdrawal Ryder can now only make the Blackcaps squad for the World Cup based on domestic form alone, something that seems highly unlikely all of a sudden.

His current form for the Volts would be enough to still make a case to be let into the Blackcaps, but the general idea that had been floating around was that the New Zealand A tour was the chance for the troubled cricketer to really stake a claim back into the Blackcaps.

A personal issue is said to be the reason for Ryder’s pull out of the New Zealand A squad, due to fly out of the country in two days.

It is still possible, but a Cricket World Cup outing for Jesse Ryder appears to be getting more and more unlikely.

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