Nathan Harris full of praise for Hika Elliot as Chiefs camp begins

The Chiefs are back and open for business again as the Super Rugby pre season is suddenly on the horizon.


The team officially assembled at Chiefs HQ yesterday for light training and photo sessions.

Most players on the Chiefs roster were present, including new signing Damian McKenzie who says he’s focused on getting a little bigger in terms of his size through hard work at the gym during the pre season.

All Black players in the squad including Sonny Bill Williams and Aaron Cruden will not join Chiefs camp until the new year.

The big news out of the camp this week has been the re-signing of Hika Elliot, a former Chiefs hooker who was ruled out of the 2014 season after suffering a major neck injury.

The injury was so bad it could have easily seen Elliot ruled out of rugby for the rest of his career.

Perhaps ironic in this story itself is that Elliot will return for 2015 in replacement for the injured Nathan Harris, who himself had replaced Elliot earlier this year and filled the role of Chiefs hooker in the wake of Elliot’s horrific injury in February.

The injured All Black hooker Harris sees Elliot coming back and having a big impact on the Chiefs both on and off the field, and admits to having nothing but respect for the man he replaced in the Chiefs environment less than a year ago and will make way for now.

“He had a horrific injury and a man of that calibre he comes back into the Chiefs environment. I take my hat off to him he could have been paralysed”

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