PERSONAL: Health Update

So today I went to Waikato Hospital and had to face my biggest specialist biannual appointment, and passed with flying colours.


Time really does fly, I can’t quite believe it but it has been just over 10 years since I had my spinal fusion surgery.

At the age of 12 it was obviously quite a daunting experience, and after 13 and a bit hours of being under the knife I woke up and was greeted with the notion and eventual fact that my life had just changed.

I can’t overstate how crucial the spinal surgery was, and I know now that without it Michael Pulman simply wouldn’t be around today.

The short of it is that after today’s X-Rays and meeting with the surgeon my health is all good and looking to be in a solid position heading into the future.

I don’t need any surgery, my posture is decent, breathing is acceptable, and the rods that are in my spine haven’t shifted or bent at all.

So things are good.

I write this as if todays assessment of sorts is the one big measure of where I am health wise, but honestly everyday is a wee assessment in itself. I’ve always been of the mindset that if I wake up in the morning and I am not sore or too weak then everything is sweet.

The reality is you are never fully ok.

I also want to say that I am very lucky to be as ok as I am. I know and are friends with people who aren’t so lucky and while they are doing well, everyday is so much more of a struggle for them than it is for me.

Having SMA versus Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy would be a “easier” disability in the eyes of many, but I think each disability and especially the neuromuscular ones each have a unique and cruel challenge to them.

A challenge that if you don’t meet and fight head on, will beat you before it has even started.

You just have a life to live.

Life, even for the disabled, will not and does not wait for you or hand opportunities to you if you don’t work for them.

And nor damn well should it.

This is just how it is for me, I wish things were easier but I don’t see myself as any worse off than anybody else.

I am just me, Michael Pulman the human being with goals and dreams, not Michael Pulman the dude in the wheelchair.

It is always a big relief though when you get the word from the people that matter that you are indeed doing well and your health is ok as well as no real possibility of surgery that could potentially mess with that.

So until the next time, health wise things are as good as they can possibly be and the next stop is a bone scan just to check on how they are going strength wise.

A big thanks to my family, my surgeon Hamish, and all the wonderful people who are responsible for this.

I only do a small part.

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