Michael Clarke’s career potentially over

The drama in cricket continued today after Australian captain Michael Clarke revealed his career may be over after yet another injury.


After returning to the crease to bat on after suffering a back injury, Michael Clarke battled with his body throughout the first test against India, playing with a back injury that was being seduced by painkiller injections.

On the final day of the test match he tore his right hamstring while fielding.

The injury will see Clarke ruled out of the test series against India and potentially the rest of the summer.

But Clarke’s admission that his career may be over during the media conference took a few off guard.

The Australian skipper has been battling his body for a longtime now and has suffered five major notable injuries since March this year.

It is a cruel blow not only to Clarke himself, not only to the team, but also to world cricket because it just feels at the moment like one more comeback from injury and a sudden relapse again would call time on the career of Michael Clarke.

A career that despite all its amazing feats that will go down in history, is still so young.

Clarke still has so much to give to cricket, and it would be a terrific shame if he wasn’t able to come back from this.

Just last month Clarke injured his left hamstring, now he has torn his right hamstring.

But through it all Clarke has maintained that he has no regrets about returning to the field during the first test against India while suffering a back injury.

Clarke called it the most important game of his career.

It is also a game that in the worst case scenario for cricket, could well be Clarke’s last for Australia.

Whatever the next couple of months leading into the Cricket World Cup brings, and hopefully Clarke will be able to play again and be a part of that tournament, there is simply no denying that he is one of the bravest cricketers ever to play the game.

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