THE SPORTS LINE: All you need to know

Joining FreeFM has been lingering in my mind for months now, and from late January I will officially be on air with a talkback show called The Sports Line.

FreeFM89 STACK b_w_no strap

The Sports Line will be a weekly talkback sports show that discusses a few of the bigger sports stories of the week in one segment, goes full in depth behind the scenes of Waikato sports clubs such as the Chiefs and Northern Knights in the other, and branches into a topic of the week like segment at the end of each show.

Occasionally there will be interviews with Chiefs and Knights players, coaches and members of management.

There will also be periodical discussions with mainstream sports journalists to get their take on the issues discussed in the show.

Access radio means just that, it is accessible and anyone can join FreeFM so while this opportunity is going to be a really cool experience, I go into it knowing full well that I am in no way a voice for radio, but it is just another string to add to the bow of things I am doing at the moment and I think it will go in well with my experiences with the Chiefs in Super Rugby this year.

But why FreeFM?

It all started with a brief conversation between Devon Mace and myself, I really wanted to get into access radio with him.

Devon is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever met, his knowledge of cricket in particular is amazing.

But for whatever reason, probably because we are both super busy when not in classes together off writing our own bits and bobs on sport for our own websites, Devon and I just never made it to the FreeFM studios for that meeting with the programme director.

I hadn’t even heard of FreeFM until seeing it during a presentation during one of our classes at Wintec last year.

Since meeting with FreeFM in late November I have had 3 sessions in the studio getting to grips with everything and after a brief meeting with the programme director this morning, I will officially go on air hosting The Sports Line from late January.

The show will be run on a weekly basis but it will not be aired live.

Not airing the show live is for a few reasons.

One, because of the complex scheduling in place at FreeFM. As an access radio station (where so many people have shows that vary so much in nature and subject) trying to find a time slot that would suit not only myself, but also FreeFM too, and placing it around and close by to the weekend where so much major sports events occur is a big challenge.

That is one reason.

Another reason is because I need more experience and time in the studio hosting a radio show before I would be comfortable live on the air.

Even once the show goes to air and everything I record is radio programme, I am still learning on the job, so for this reason pre recording the show to be placed on the air later is the best way forward at this moment in time.

The Sports Line will air early in the week, and will be pre recorded and put to air later that same day.

In addition to be able to listen to The Sports Line on 89.0FM once it goes to air, the show will also be available to download as a podcast, stream online via FreeFM’s official website, or downloaded through iTunes.

Each episode will also be posted on the official Access Radio Database, and also posted on all my own social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.

So until late January, if you have any ideas or mentions for the show, get in contact with me on Twitter @realmikepulman.

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