SBW is yet to be in the same league as Cameron or Parker

Sonny Bill Williams has extended his unbeaten record in the boxing ring.


It led to his recent opponent Chauncy Welliver claiming that the dual code superstar is destined for great things in the sport.

Williams didn’t say too much heading into the fight, but if nothing else he wanted credibility as a boxer.

Williams is a part time boxer, but he wants to be seen as a boxer who actually belongs in the ring, something that Welliver stated he did passionately post fight.

“This kid can be a contender. He isn’t even a fulltime boxer and he beat my arse today.” Welliver said last night.

Can Williams be a real contender in the sport?

Many would say that a fight against Paul Gallen won’t answer that question either as Gallen, like Williams, is only a part time boxer.

Williams has beaten his share of experienced boxers, men who’ve done some big things in the sport as well.  Frans Botha and Clarence Tillman were no push overs, even if like Welliver looked last night, didn’t have the same peak physical look and shape that Williams has.

But the answer is no, SBW is yet to put himself in the same picture as the likes of a Shane Cameron or a Joseph Parker.

Not yet.

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