Warriors fall at Nines once again

The Warriors failed to make good on their standing as strong contenders to win the NRL Nines after yet another heartbreaking result for fans to swallow.

2015 Auckland Nines

One can’t help but wonder if this is a sign of things to come for the Warriors in 2015.

The Warriors came into this years edition of the NRL Nines probable contenders in the eyes of most, but the product on the field over the course of the weekend was anything but.

A good performance against the Titans was followed up by a loss to the Raiders.

At one point the Warriors had a massive lead over the Raiders but they managed to blow it somehow.

Heading into finals day, the Warriors went up against the Tigers knowing that nothing short of a victory would keep their Nines title hopes alive.

What followed was arguably the most dominating performance of the tournament, the Warriors thrashed the Tigers and booked a place in the quarter finals with ease.

Fast forward to the dying moments of the quarter final against the Sharks, a pass that should have been taken in the corner all but shattered Warriors hopes, and then a shock knock on during the final attacking phase confirmed it.

The Warriors crash out of the Nines, a match earlier than last year no less.

And thus, it becomes harder and harder to have faith in the Warriors in the wonderful arena that is the NRL.

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