The risks of outlandishness on social media

It is has almost become the norm for people now days.


We wake up, have a quick wash or shower, and whilst waiting for that all so important morning coffee to be made, we are on our phones reading the online community newspaper that is Facebook.

Social media has been the dominant form of the internet for a long time now.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and to a latter extent the advent of bloggers on sites like Google Blogger and WordPress has seen it become possible for anyone to get online and share their views about the things that matter to them.

Wether popular or controversial, the platform is there to be used but some are not using it in the right way.

This is a theme that has continued more and more in recent years as more and more get online and set up social accounts which allow contact with anyone else.

There is a funny saying that goes “golly gee if it is on Facebook then it must be true”.

The thing about Facebook is that not only has it become one of the most common ways of communication, here in lies the danger of social media and why, even if we feel whole heartedly about an issue or a person, caution needs to be taken with what we post.

Facebook encourages freedom of speech.

But when that freedom of speech is used to target other members and share their own personal business, it is then quickly shifting to something controversial that could cost you in more ways than one.

Employers these days will look at your social media sites too.

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