MDA Scandal: National office label inappropriate database use “branch issue”

After speaking with their lawyers, the MDA have blamed all wrongdoing regarding the illegal emails on the Wellington branch.

Lawyers have cited the Liz Mills email as a branch issue and nothing to do with Chris Higgins or the National office.

MDA chair Lindsey McGregor has offered each candidate, including Trevor Jenkin, the chance to make a personal statement in support of their nomination.

National office has taken zero responsibility for the scandal and haven’t stated when, if any, disciplinary action will be taken.

McGregor says that the reasonableness of using the private member database is an issue for each individual branch to consider.

Here is one of the details that the private member database at MDA has:

  • Information on ALL registered members including medical backgrounds, condition information, and addresses.

The database that contains this sensitive information is owned by the MDA.

The Wellington branch chairperson Peter Tregg is a member of MDA’s National Council and in his role has a code of conduct, which in it says he can be held accountable within the constitution.

MDA head Chris Higgins pushed for all branch committee chairpersons to sign the constitution but is not holding Tregg responsible for the email incident.

In other developments…

Derek Woodward who commented on this blog yesterday claiming that the information written was “ill informed” has been revealed to be a member of MDA’s National Council and works on the board with Chris Higgins and Lindsey McGregor.

Various sources also claim that Heather Browning, MDA’s preferred candidate for NC chairperson, is “best friends” with former MDA insider Helen Melrose.

It appears that the idea of membership demanding not only a public apology from MDA on this matter, but also a cancellation of Friday’s AGM should be on the cards.

MDA’s AGM takes place this Friday at SkyCity.

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