MDA Scandal: Members not getting clear-cut answers

As some members have been accused of electioneering, the MDA remain unconvincing in their silence on the matter involving one of the biggest controversies to ever rock the organisation.

MDA lawyers have asked all reporting on the issue and commentating by members through social media to be stopped until after the election.

This an attempt to stop rightful speculation about the reasonableness of Liz Mills’s email supporting NC candidate Heather Browning.

It is also an attempt to stop the news of anything potentially damaging to the MDA reaching the ears of its members.

Members pay a fee for belonging to the organisation.

Isn’t it the right of these paying members to know all the facts about the Muscular Dystrophy Association?

Isn’t it also the right for the members to have significant input on the direction that Chris Higgins and the MDA National Council are taking the association?

At the least, the members deserve a public explanation for this incident.

Derek Woodward accused The Real Michael Pulman of potentially damaging future funding and donation opportunities through ill informed reporting.

Woodward failed to mention that his interests were with National Council as a member on the board, and that he had already pledged his support for the selection of Heather Browning.

As reported last night – Heather Browning made no mention of these series of incidents in her revised statement to the membership – causing concern and speculation amongst some members who had already voted.

In fact, only one of the candidates for NC spoke on the controversy in their revised personal statements and that was Trevor Jenkin.

The email that was supposedly sent out to all members of the association also interestingly didn’t reach the inboxes of many – leading to this blog receiving numerous emails asking for the statements to be forwarded on.

The MDA also needs to answer the question of how members were supposedly electioneering on Northern’s Facebook page.

Simply put, it is becoming clearer and clearer with each passing day that the MDA are becoming less and less able to defend the claims made in the reports and answer the all important questions of the membership.

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