Project Cars PS4 Review

Project Cars is finally here – and it was well worth the wait.


The first thing that sticks out with Project Cars is its challenge in driving.

Every car doesn’t feel the same – wether driving GT or Open Wheel – there will be a decent learning curve before gamers will get wins under their belts.

All the usual driving assists are available to be used – but Project Cars isn’t a game that was built to be easy to conquer.

Project Cars is meant to be a challenge.

Graphically, it could be argued that Project Cars has the most stunning visuals ever seen in a racer.

Racing around Donington in the twilight will present a beautiful but challenging glare as the gamer races down the back straight into the chicane – where really only the distant glows of red from the car in front will show where the braking marker is.


The weather system in Project Cars is another strength, but the visuals of rain do need a little work before they could be called realistic.

Racers have the choice to set various weather tendencies during a race.

A race will start out in clear sunlight, then the racer can drive into a storm which will present tyre and handling challenges.

Project Cars boast arguably the most impressive collection of cars and tracks ever seen in a racing game. All unlocked from the get go, some of the most famous circuits and cars in racing history will be able to be accessed and tested in some of the most unlikely scenarios where races will feature different classes.

In terms of the career mode, while Project Cars falls flat.

The gamer is able to jump into single player weekends with the ability to drive all the cars previous racing games have made the player work through a tedious race-to-race career mode to get access to.

Project Cars could have been packaged with more – the omission of rallying in particular seems like a surprise given all the other types of motorsport available.

Pit stops also leave a bit to the imagination as well.

In conclusion, Project Cars has delivered most of what it promised and its challenge behind the wheel is not only impressive, almost impossibly challenging at times, but also a game that will keep hardcore racers coming back for more.


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