John Cena’s time in wrestling far from over

Will John Cena take a similar role to the Paul Levesque in WWE going forward?


John Cena has achieved everything in World Wrestling Entertainment – a career that has sprung him into various entities of Hollywood including movies and music.

To many, the concept of watching professional wrestling without John Cena in the ring will be almost impossible to grasp.

Cena has been working toward making a similar transition from the ring to behind the curtain much like Paul Levesque did, and when Cena’s time stepping between the ropes is over, Cena is set to be a producer/creative director of sorts.

On the microphone, Cena knocks his performances out of the park.

Creatively, the WWE would be wise to have Cena as part of their “back desk” once his time inside the ring is over.

By that time arrives, it is likely that Paul Levesque (Triple H) will be at the complete and total helm of the company as Vince McMahon gets closer and closer to taking a further back seat into the running of the business.

Is there going to be room for Cena to make a much-requested heel turn before hanging up the boots?


John Cena creates too much business for the company as a baby face to risk turning him heel before his career is over.

That isn’t to mention his popularity amongst children and placing within the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Cena’s career has much more time left upon it, he will remain a part of the WWE for years to come.

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