Is National Council’s response to a member acceptable?

MDA head Chris Higgins passed on concerns written to his email address to National Council leader Heather Browning.

The MDA hasn’t yet responded to public comments made by Canterbury branch chairperson Paul Arthur on social media.

Arthur claimed that MDA leader Chris Higgins is “impossible” to work with and went on to express concern over the financial problems the association has been infamous for.

In an email leaked to The Real Michael Pulman, national council chairperson Heather Browning claims that an investigation was launched by Chris Higgins into the Wellington branch office manager who forwarded an email using the private member database written by Liz Mills electioneering for the selection of Browning for NC.

In the email, Browning says that the investigation is now complete.

“The Wellington Branch Chair and the Office Manager both recognise their respective errors in judgement,” Browning said.

Chris Higgins was approached originally for clarification and comment by a member of the association, and the members concerns were passed on to National Council by Higgins who made no comment on the scandal.

Voting numbers for Heather Browning’s election have still not been released by the MDA.

It is also understood that RSM Hayes were only newly selected as the auditors for the MDA.

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