Much to be desired still with GP Super Smash

New Zealand Cricket has addressed some of the issues with its Twenty20 competition for this summer, but the Georgie Pie Super Smash still leaves a lot to be desired.

Credit: EventFinda

Beginning in November, the format of the Georgie Pie Super Smash sees roughly the same amount of games, but a much wider venue range than last summer including Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth for the first time.

Cobham Oval in Whangarei will also host a Northern Knights fixture.

Only one game per day will take place, except for the finals weekend at Yarrow Stadium, where three matches will take place in a rapid finals format much like last year.

17 of the 33 matches will be televised on Sky Sport, and times for games range from mid afternoon to evening.

But with the slight change to its flavour, the Georgie Pie Super Smash still hasn’t been altered enough to become a marketable tournament that will see larger crowds attend than last year.

Tickets for the grand final were being given away to generate interest last season.

With the Blackcaps playing a series in Australia that includes the inaugural day/night cricket test, New Zealand’s domestic competition is set to draw poor crowds again.

Only at the new venues will a large crowd go through the turnstiles so the likes of Yarrow Stadium and Cobham Oval, as well as The Mount will benefit, but average attendance should be expected at other venues.

Domestic sides haven’t revealed their big signings for the Super Smash, but with the Australian BBL starting shortly after, some big names could be secured for the right amount of money.

The Georgie Pie Super Smash begins on November 5th in New Plymouth.

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