Green Party scouting for a disabled teen MP

The Green Party is looking for a young disabled teen to be a representative MP for Youth Parliament.

Mojo Mathers, MP for the Green Party, is looking for a disabled teenager aged between 16-18 to be her youth MP in parliament. According to The Green Party, the disabled teen needs to be passionate about social change, and have an ability to engage with their peers and community.

Mathers says she is looking for someone with a disability to be an adovocate for others.

“I am specifically looking for a young person with a disability as disabled peoples voices are seriously underrepresented in parliament,” Mathers said.

This move shows that on a small level, parliament is open to the voice of the disability community, but the shortage in teenage advocates will be an issue to consider.

Perhaps government could try to bring the disabled into parliament discussion on a level not just for youth.

Nevertheless, it is a start, and a very positive move by the Green Party.

Applications close on September 21st.

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