STATEMENT: Why I vented on FB

Oh I have looked in the mirror. I’ve looked long and hard.

Let me be absolutely crystal clear about this. I stand by and believe in almost everything I wrote on in my Facebook post last night.

For weeks, no months actually, I have been doing everything in my power to try and improve the things in this house that need to be improved. I have done that while the person with the most voice out of anyone has failed to front when it mattered most, resulting in me looking like an idiot in front of everybody.

The talk, the mockery, and the jokes, and the double standards that go on are getting to the point where it is hurtful. I can deal with that, this isn’t my issue.

My issue is the twisting of things I say and/or do so it makes it all easier to blame me when things go wrong. My issue is the total lack of regard for anyone else apart from them, and the other issue is this mindset that “Mike gets everything he wants and we all miss out.

Here is a reality check.

Until you actively go out of your way to try and fix a situation that needs fixing, you have no right to moan about it. Not only that, you have no right to laugh at me or mock me for trying to improve certain situations when you couldn’t do a better job yourself.

Judge me all you want, but don’t talk behind my back until you have the right to say you are working as hard as I am.

How about facing up the fact that the disability sector, the sector we live in, is changing and changing fast.

Your life is your own, you can do as you please. Sure I have certain ‘issues’ with some recreational activities, but I know things you and your friends don’t, and I see the potential of what good you can actually do, good that is being wasted day to day.

You have zero credibility to judge a single thing I do, and nor do your peers.

You can advocate for yourself from now on, and I’ll see to it that you won’t know what is coming next.

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