Striker owner claims desire to show off led to incident

Creative mind behind the Striker power wheelchair Barry de Geest says his desire to show off was what led to an incident during the practice.

As reported last week on The Real Michael Pulman, de Geest rolled the new Striker power wheelchair while in Sydney participating in “The Ditch Cup” power chair soccer event.

The man behind Unarm’d Innovations, the developer of the wheelchair, says that his desire to show off the chair on the international stage was what led to the incident.

De Geest says that the incident wasn’t as a result of the chairs safety features.

“My desire to show off the Striker in such an arena unfortunately led me to make an error which eventuated in my chair tipping and the Australians responded laughingly,” de Geest said.

Much feedback and recommendations for the Striker were made, and de Geest says that it has been invaluable. According to de Geest, improvements have already been made to the Striker wheelchairs since the return to New Zealand.

“We are excited to fulfil our goal of assisting players to reach their potential in this fun and challenging game,” de Geest said.

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