WaiBOP United face interesting run to Christmas

After slipping to a disappointing loss to Hawkes Bay United, WaiBOP United face a crucial next couple of rounds in the ASB Premiership.

Travelling up the Waikato expressway and beating Waitakere United 5-1 was one of the most surprising results in Premiership history, so to many, the 1-0 loss to Hawkes Bay United in the next round was not only a surprise, but a deep disappointment.

Zac Speedy has been nothing short of terrific with the goalkeeping gloves so far this season, again saving WaiBOP United a number of goals in matches. Arguably, WaiBOP’s total against should be a lot higher, but thanks to Speedy, it sits at a minimal 5 goals.

Speedy’s nod to start with the gloves was a surprise back in round one – but no more.

WaiBOP face three more rounds of football until there is a slight break, and if they can get through to Christmas with at least one win from those games, the holiday season will be that little bit easier for coach Peter Smith.

WaiBOP’s current position on the table isn’t a concern, but too many flat performances like the one against Hawkes Bay United and the competition will quickly be out of grasp despite the fact the over half of its entirety.

Teams like WaiBOP are considered rank underdogs to challenge the likes of Auckland City FC and Team Wellington in the ASB Premiership, but if the opening two rounds of competition proved anything, it is that this young WaiBOP United squad can hang with the best, and not just on a day where everything is going well.

WaiBOP United are on the road for their latest round of action this Sunday against Southern United.

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