Disabled people like to f**k just as much as you do

What would you say if I told you that for some disabled people, sexual release is a taboo subject that has become so impossible to imagine that giving up is the easier option.

This is the case for a lot of disabled New Zealanders, wether they want to admit it or not. Every day, another disabled New Zealander accepts their sentence to a life without sexual pleasure, the most natural pleasure of all.

A simple Google search will reveal that overseas, a lot is being done to address sexual expression for the disabled.

Not so much in New Zealand though, only thanks to the tireless work of a few devoted advocates has sex even become a topic for discussion.

In the Netherlands, the government financially aids disabled people the opportunities for “sex surrogacy sessions”, up to 12 sessions per year in fact. That’s right, disabled people in the Netherlands get to explore their sexuality in a safe environment with an escort and they get it funded by the government.

In the UK, several dedicated websites can be found with a wealth of information about disability and sex, and one campaign in particular, called The Undressing Disability campaign, drew widespread mainstream attention while challenging the public view on disabled persons perceived lack of interest and capability to engage in sex.

But, what exactly is happening in New Zealand?

Sooner or later, the question has to be asked, a similar mindset and approach to sex be may need to be adopted for disabled New Zealanders.

If the government is prepared to pay $30million to change the flag, then surely they can spare a few thousand dollars per year so a disabled person can access the services of a sex worker?

Known disability advocacy organisations in New Zealand are only now just beginning to toy with the motion of addressing “the elephant in the room” that is sex.

But only a few of them.

Not only that, but the commitment is weak due to fear of public backlash.

Discussion is not enough if it doesn’t lead to action, because like most able bodied youth in New Zealand, disabled guys and girls just want to get some of that hot, fun, and sexy action.

A common myth is that disabled people can’t, don’t, or won’t be able to partake in sex. This is entirely incorrect in both theory and reality, in fact the exact opposite.

In a lot of cases, the only reason a young disabled gentleman is still a virgin at 23, 24, or 25 years of age is because he has never had the opportunity or encouragement to experience, and this is large in part due to the fact, in the eyes of many, that modern society doesn’t view or understand disability in regards to sex.

There was a young man in the UK a few years ago who took to the streets with a simple message:

“Don’t disable my libido”.

The disability, the wheelchair, the need for constant 24/7 support is a reality for people living with impairment, but how exactly is sexual pleasure not being catered into those supports? Not only is it not catered for, it isn’t even thought of by the majority, and it takes away a basic human right for a lot of disabled people.

Did you know that most people affected by a severe physical disability cannot and have not ever masturbated or reached climax?

Think about that.

2 thoughts on “Disabled people like to f**k just as much as you do”

  1. A state sponsored sex budget like in der nederlands is the obvious answer to this easily solved service gap. Don’t think of your taxes paying for casual sex. Think of your taxes as preserving the sanity of your fellow citizens.


  2. Would some disabled people not see this as slightly demeaning? Many people have a very torrid view of sex workers and I wonder if a large percentage of sex workers would take advantage of disabled people to try to gain more income than from a normally abled person? There is an interesting idea but many facets of it would need to be explored first do you not think?


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