Will Naughty Dog delay Uncharted 4 again?

With all the hype surrounding the finale to the Uncharted series, a delay till later in 2016 may not be the worst idea.

Naughty Dog, developers behind the blockbuster Uncharted franchise, haven’t hinted at the possibility of delaying A Thief’s End further in the slightest.

But the November window would give Sony a big boost heading into the next holiday season.

However, the finale to Uncharted has already been delayed on two separate occasions. But unlike a lot of studios, Naughty Dog has a proven track record of only releasing top quality, triple A selling games, so they can afford to delay a third time.

PS4 gamers still have a lot of other exclusive and third party titles coming out at around the same time as Uncharted.

Getting the game out in April is pleasing from the viewpoint that Naughty Dog haven’t released a title since 2013, marking three years, but if there is even a slight chance that A Thief’s End needs further polishing, Naughty Dog must delay again.

When Rockstar delayed GTA V until September 2013, the announcement was met with a mixture of uproar and acceptance.

The same scenario would apply for Naughty Dog with the finale to Uncharted.

Currently, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is slated to release in April.



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