PERSONAL: My Wintec Conundrum

2016 has started with opportunity, but with that, an almighty conundrum in terms of my Wintec studies.

I have been with CCS Disability Action for 7-months now, and with the potential for more work to come in the future with them, and a trip to Wellington for a MC’ing and Public Speaking role, they have invested a lot in my development, both as a public speaker and a journalist.

I received a job offer from the Ministry of Social Development, too.

So naturally, I have spent the last few days trying to figure out just what I want to do from here.

On the Journalism front, my blog ( is getting more views and has more content posted each week than ever. I am still writing for Last Word On Sports, and I write a weekly column for Including All People about various disability issues, the latest of which was Support Worker attitudes in the disability sector. I am still working as a Sports Reporter with Chiefs Rugby and have media accreditation secured for another year.

I have also just taken a big leap in my Community Radio Broadcasting career too. I now host a LIVE talk show each Friday afternoon.

My passion for journalism is as strong as ever, but in the last year, I have developed (almost ironically you could say) a very good CV working in the disability sector. I lot of the work I do is journalism, but a lot is advocacy as well, and writing hard-hitting columns that make people think, and hopefully, do something towards making society more inclusive for disabled people. The disability sector, and companies like (but not limited to) CCS Disability Action, has given me my first job, personal and professional development, opportunity, and regular engagement in journalism, advocacy, and public speaking.

And then – there is my studies at Wintec.

Without Wintec, I wouldn’t be where I am today, because I wouldn’t have learnt the lessons from the likes of Richard, Charles, and George about going out there and looking, sometimes asking, for opportunities. It was what led to the role as a Sports Reporter with the Chiefs, and if not for that, organisations like CCS Disability Action wouldn’t have noticed me, and subsequent opportunities would never have occurred.

What started out as looking for the odd opportunity on the side, in terms of sports reporting, has opened up a career in two different industries.

So this isn’t me thinking about quitting Wintec just because I got offered a job.

Also, just in case you’re thinking it, this isn’t me thinking I am better than anyone else either. In fact the opposite, many of the students in that class are far superior writers than me and they’ve proven it.

This isn’t about anyone else, it is about me.

The lessons I’ve learnt, but more importantly, the passion I’ve developed in the last year is something that I take very seriously. My passion for Wintec remains in the way of wanting to finish my degree and graduate, but I feel as if I am learning next to nothing in the classroom, because almost everything I learn’t in year 2 just does not apply in the workforce, or at least it doesn’t for me.

Some people may read this and say I am developing an ego or a sense of arrogance.

I feel like, the opportunities I have been lucky enough to have been offered, were because at the very beginning, I went and approached the people who could deliver them. It was scary, and there were rejections along the way, but all in all, I have had the experience, both in the disability sector and the media industry, because I went out and looked for them.

Wintec, with all due respect, had nothing to do with it.

So with another year of media accreditation secure, a job in Communications in the disability sector with the promises of more roles this year, a weekly radio show, and regular work as a Public Speaker, would anyone else be questioning going back to the classroom?

People have been asking me how I feel. That is it.

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