Labour Party Free Education Only Applies To New Students

The Labour Party sure has made a splash in their State of the Nation address, promising New Zealanders free education for up to a three-year period.

Andrew Little says that the education system in New Zealand has to keep up with the changing nature of the workforce.

The policy change would apply to students in tertiary education and people working as apprentices. In what could be a big drawcard for younger voters in the next election, Labour says the eventual cost for the full implementation of free education would be $1.2billion.

The full implementation of the free education system would occur over a three-year period, starting from 2019.

Labour say that unemployment is getting worse in New Zealand, and also pointed to the rising cost of tertiary education with study fees having increased by 37% since 2008.

However, the new changes would only apply to those who haven’t partaken in post-school study prior to 2019.

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