SBW Has Big Offer On The Table To Walk Away From Sevens

The Sydney Roosters want the services of Sonny Bill Williams in 2016 – and they are prepared to go the extra mile to make it a reality.

According to reports, the NRL club has met with Williams’ agent and offered a lifetime contract with several benefits in a bid to lure Williams back to the NRL a year earlier than expected.

Those benefits include becoming a club ambassador and mentor.

Williams’ mentor role would, in the words of Roosters management, help fix the alcohol and discipline related issues players have off the field.

The promises that the Roosters have made Williams are a big play to the superstars more humane side that has begun to show itself in recent years. If nothing else, Williams wants to help the next generation of rugby and league players reach the heights that he has.

While Williams may be committed to representing New Zealand at the Olympics this year, his management team are seriously considering the offer made by the Roosters.

Will SBW shock the world and walk away from Sevens to return to the NRL early?

The benefits being offered would ensure a future in the NRL for Williams beyond his playing days, and this is a big factor to consider.

Williams’ management team will have a meeting with NZ Rugby bosses in the near future.

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