Future For Xbox One Appears Unstable

The future of the Xbox One is a hot topic in gaming at the moment, and whichever way Microsoft decides to turn, it is a future that looks bleak.

When it was announced that Quantum Break, a major Xbox One exclusive for 2016, was also going to be available on PC, many gamers began speculating about the commitment Microsoft has to their console after 2016.

To their credit, Microsoft hasn’t rushed into releasing a slimmer, updated, and cheaper version of the Xbox One. In recent weeks it has become more apparent that doing this wouldn’t increase sales to the point where a serious challenge could be made to overthrow Sony’s stranglehold on the market with the PS4.

Deep down, Microsoft know that they won’t beat Sony, in this, perhaps the last, major console war.

To the casual gamer, the Quantum Break news came as a big surprise, but to the hardcore audience, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that Microsoft has decided to go down this path.

Last year, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer said that his team were working on strategies to ensure developers could get their games could get on as many screens as possible, and Spencer then went on to praise Valve for the work they had done with Steam gaming on PC.

Cross-platform online between the Xbox One and PS4 would be a popular move to make, albeit controversial from the outset, but it also has the potential to impact on the future of the big exclusive titles that come to each console.

With Forza Motorsport, previously an Xbox only racer, now coming to PC, this impact is already beginning to a certain extent. Sure, Microsoft still own the Forza franchise, but is it really still an exclusive if it is available on PC, albeit in a watered down version?

Halo is also rumoured to be coming to PC when the next game in the series releases.

If Microsoft do ease their grip on releasing big titles just for the Xbox One and cross-platform to PC from now on, it could end the console war and hand dominance to Sony, at least from an ideological standpoint.

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