Atu Moli Working On Getting Faster

Atu Moli is only 20-years old, but his resume is already mighty impressive.

Fresh out of high school, Moli captained the New Zealand U-20 side to World Cup glory in 2015.

The intensity of Super Rugby is above and beyond that of what Moli experienced with the New Zealand U-20 side, and his primary work on has been improving his speed around the field in order to keep up with the game.

“For me, I love physicality, but I am still trying to work on keeping up with the pace of it,” Moli said.

Weighing 127kg, Moli has power in the scrum and on defense, not missing a single tackle so far this season.

Moli has played four games for the Chiefs, but he says each one feels like a debut in itself.

“Every game feels like it is my first because of the atmosphere that goes around the dressing room”, Moli said.

Moli is in line for selection for the Chiefs clash against the Hurricanes this Saturday.

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