Tom McAlpine’s Paths Together Acknowledges Disabled’s Need For Sexual Support

Paths Together is perhaps New Zealand’s only real legitimate advocacy organisation for the sexual rights and exploration for people with disabilities.

Paths Together was created in March 2013 by Dunedin-based Tom McAlpine and has since gathered over 1600 followers on Facebook.

The not-for-profit organisation, based mostly on social media, is a network that seeks to assist the disabled with the knowledge and skills to lead a fulfilling and healthy sex life.

Paths Together believes that disabled people do need assistance to achieve relationships and a sex life.

McAlpine, 26, acknowledges the part that the New Zealand Sex Industry can play in some situations, plus Paths Together works alongside the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective and continues to investigate this area.

A passionate advocate for the rights of disabled people, McAlpine wants to see sex education available to people affected by intellectual and physical disabilities, and hopes to see further effort from the New Zealand Education system in this area.

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