What will Microsoft’s Xbox One Slim bring to the table?

With Microsoft expected to reveal the Xbox One Slim at E3 in June, just what will this console look like and will it be enough to bring in sales?

The Xbox One Slim will obviously be smaller in form factor, but how much smaller remains to be seen. No radical redesign to the VHS-like shape to the console is likely, but rather it will be much lighter and and smaller in all of its form factor. The touch-sensitive power button could be replaced, and the console’s operation will be much quieter.

A much larger HDD will be one of the expectations, presumably around the 2TB mark. It would be a surprise to see the power supply built into the console rather than be a standalone “power brick”, even despite the clear evidence that this is one of the big annoyances gamers have had with Xbox consoles over the years. 

The Xbox One Slim will potentially boast 6 teraflops of graphical capability, and this far outdoes the power of the current Xbox One.

In terms of the controller, a nice play by Microsoft would be to finally have a controller with a built in, rechargeable battery pack, rather than leaving the option to go out and buy a play n charge kit which is an additional NZ$30.

But if nothing else, Microsoft have to provide an actual incentive to go out and purchase the Xbox One Slim, and if rumors are true and they also reveal a 4K capable console to be released later in the year, the Slim could be an out and out disaster in terms of sales. Providing a games streaming service to the Xbox One Slim won’t be enough, and with Virtual Reality Gaming still yet to convince the masses, support for the Oculus Rift will be a huge gamble for Microsoft to make and could potentially see the price of the Slim remain fairly close to what is on the current market.

Exclusive games will also be announced to launch alongside the Xbox One Slim, and perhaps the more powerful 4K capable system, but what those are, no one knows.

The 2016 E3 Expo runs from June 14 – 16 in Los Angeles.

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