Chiefs unlikely to keep SBW in Hamilton

Sonny Bill Williams will likely announce a long-term commitment to New Zealand Rugby tomorrow morning, with two teams both putting down offers for the code-hopping superstars services.

Tana Umaga has been quietly planning for the future at the Blues and has already signed a big name at halfback with the signature of Augustine Pulu, but the rumour mill has always been rife with talk that the one player Umaga really wanted to add to the Blues roster was Williams.

Umaga is so serious to lure Williams that he travelled to Sydney this week to meet with the code-hopping superstars’ manager Khoder Nasser to put an offer on the table. 

So much has been said about Williams’ plans after the Olympics that no one really knows what is true and what isn’t, so tomorrows media conference will be well attended as the media will finally get some concrete information, presumably from Williams himself. Speculation surfaced this week that Williams is set to make a long-term commitment to New Zealand Rugby, in other words, signing with a Super Rugby side for longer than a single season.

The Blues and the Chiefs are believed to have both put offers on the table for Williams to consider, but Umaga’s friendship to Williams is believed to have been a key factor in the coach luring Williams to the Blues.

Williams is likely to have another four years in the tank in terms of his fitness and could likely play in the next Rugby World Cup, but this would likely mean that Williams would have a brief stint in the NRL before then, presumably with the Sydney Roosters.

The only thing for Williams left to do in the NRL is become a three-time Premiership winner, and in New Zealand Rugby, he could aim for a Gold Medal at the Olympics and a third-straight Rugby World Cup title.

Tomorrow’s announcement is intriguing, and while the inside talk is that Williams will sign with the Blues, literally anything is possible.

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