Abusive Support Worker avoids punishment

Despite several complaints of abuse being laid against her, a Waikato-based Support Worker has been reinstated to work with a group of disabled people.

The abuse has been taking place inside a Residential Service based in Cambridge, where up to four intellectually and physically disabled clients live.

A source informed The Real Michael Pulman several months ago that emotional abuse had been taking place towards all of the clients in this service, one of which in particular who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and was constantly targeted by the Support Worker.

The abuse includes verbal and emotional.

Complaints by several fellow Support Workers were made about the situation, leading to an investigation by the Service Provider, but recently the Service Provider re-instated the Support Worker, claiming the numerous complaints “held no water”.

The consequences for the people receiving the support in this situation are numerous.

For a lot of people who live in Residential Services and Care Homes, not only are the Support Workers there to assist with cares and cleaning, but they are also the advocate for these people, their voice to the management, and in some cases, their only avenue for support.The Support Workers did the right thing by laying a complaint, only to be left out of discussions surrounding its outcome.

In doing this, the Service Provider may have broken up to three rules of the Disabled Persons Receiving Support official Code of Rights act.


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