Mike Pulman Radio moves to new time slot

Mike Pulman Radio will move to a new time slot of 2.00pm every Friday from from August 12th, shifting from its later time of 3.30pm.

As part of The Big Listen, people are encouraged to get involved in Access Radio to share the stories that matter to them. Unlike commercial radio, stations like Free FM promote free speech and challenging media, encouraging people to reach out to their communities to discuss important issues.

By nature, Access Radio is home to diverse content and boasts a large amount of ethnic faith and disability-related shows. 

Mike Pulman Radio is a talk show that dissects various issues about disability, sports, politics, and video games. Opinion is a large part of Mike Pulman Radio, shows feature one or two big topics each week, and sometimes there is never a solution to an issue, just a discussion.

The show also features regular interviews with people from various communities.

To find out more about Mike Pulman Radio or to listen to the latest shows,  please visit http://accessradio.org/AllEpisodes.aspx?SearchTerm=MPR


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