NZ Government should give more time to pilots like EGL

You don’t have to look very far to see examples of how the disability sector is changing to a more ‘person driven’ model.

Expectations are getting higher, and it exceeds beyond what has typically been ‘the norm’ until now. It is no longer just about ensuring that people with disabilities get their personal cares and the home cleaning done, but it is about the standard and delivery in which this is done.

Furthermore, it is about providing disabled people with the opportunity to make all decisions that impact on their lives.

To know how to provide the best support, and a support that best caters to the need of the individual, you’ve first got to know more about that person than what is said on a Needs Assessment template.

This, unarguably, is a good thing for Disability Support Providers.

Right now, especially in the Waikato, attention is turning towards what the Enabling Good Lives model will look like in 2017. The Minister for Disability Issues has stated, quite clearly, that people receiving EGL supports won’t have their structure change if the demonstration were to end.

In reality though, the Government could go either way with that decision.

The typical Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) will have to be tweaked significantly if the Ministry of Health is going to provide the people they support with more choice in their lives. Furthermore, they have to make these changes to provide incentive.

The biggest incentive for most people with disabilities is the ability to have a choice. This is why models like Enabling Good Lives are proving to be popular. However, a two year demonstration doesn’t leave much room for a conclusive pitch to Government that this should or shouldn’t be the way things are done in the future.

There are a lot of changes to come in the next year. Those changes will be positive, but to fit the needs of everyone, it is important that all sides of the equation are heard.

This will take time though, and one can’t help but wonder if enough has been provided.

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