ORS Funding to be reviewed by Government

Students over the age of 18 who want to enter tertiary education may be left with less support than what is currently available.

The Government will review the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme in the near future as radical changes to Special Education are set to continue.

The Ongoing Resourcing Scheme, or as most people commonly know it, ORS Funding, will likely be significantly reduced for students with disabilities over the age of 18.

The reason for this is to free up funds for students in primary and high school.

This week, the Government announced that it would be focusing more on early investment and aims to target children with disabilities in early childhood education.

ORS Funding allows students with disabilities to access the assistance they need to be included in the classroom.

More funding being poured into one area means that another has to take a loss. If the Government injected more money into special education, equal amounts of support across the board could occur.

Due to the ever-growing financial restraint, students with disabilities and their families will have to face an uneasy wait to see how the changes will impact them.

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