Cautions issued to Chiefs players after stripper incident

New Zealand Rugby has dismissed claims that Chiefs players sexually assaulted a stripper at a post-season function.

This finding from an official investigation comes as no surprise to anyone.

Formal cautions have been issued to all Chiefs players. The woman at the heart of this story, a stripper, has said that she is disappointed but not surprised by the conclusion of the investigation. 

No complaint was laid with police. The woman said that she had been through police trouble before, and chose to share her story with the media instead. A second woman came forward claiming Chiefs players had treated her in a similar fashion. New Zealand Rugby also dismissed that allegation.

Regardless of the findings of this investigation, what happened in this particular incident is nothing new. ‘Mad Mondays’ are known for trouble, but of the nine witnesses that New Zealand Rugby interviewed during their investigation, none say that any abuse took place.

Players organised the post-season party, including the entertainment. Chiefs management were not involved in the celebrations nor their planning.

The players were asked to be responsible. That was the only communication that afternoon.

So far, the biggest punishment the Chiefs have had to endure is the loss of My Food Bank as a sponsor.

Head coach Dave Rennie said that he was disappointed by the errors in judgement on show from a number of his players. The club’s Chief Executive Andrew Flexman says that players will be able to have post season celebrations in the future, but under the full eye of team management.

New Zealand Rugby said it doesn’t have grounds to pursue misconduct against any individual player.


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