Xbox Scorpio is already beating PS4 Pro

Microsoft Scorpio is an impressive system, but could it be the next-gen console it has the timing to be?

We are in the middle of a big change to the console gaming space, and it is Sony that has suddenly become the big loser. With the big push toward 4K gaming, both Sony and Microsoft are releasing ‘more powerful’ versions of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Starting with the PS4 Pro, Sony will be the first to drop their upgrade this November, and yes, it will be more expensive than the existing consoles currently on the market.

Sometime in late 2017, Microsoft will release the Xbox Scorpio. According to experts in gaming technology, and based on the specs released, the Xbox Scorpio is a much more powerful system than the PS4 Pro and will better handle 4K gaming.

In fact, during their reveal at E3, Microsoft went as far as saying that the Scorpio will be the most powerful gaming console ever built. With the slogan ‘beyond generations’, Microsoft didn’t reveal the Scorpio’s form factor during the reveal.

Should the Scorpio be as powerful as promised, it is likely that the selling price will be high. Sony’s PS4 Pro may not be as powerful, but it will retail for cheaper.

Let’s be clear about one thing though.

The Ps4 Pro is not Sony’s next generation console, it is an optional upgrade. If anything, Xbox Scorpio has gone further toward being a next-gen system than the PS4 Pro has. What Microsoft did at E3 was provide incentive for fans to come back next year, and in the world of gaming technology, 12-months is a very long time.

Scorpio is not the official name of Microsoft’s new system either, this is just the project’s code name of the project.

As well as being better equipped for 4K and Virtual Reality gaming, Microsoft’s new system (the Scorpio) could also be fully back-wards compatible, both from a physical disc and digital standpoint. Whether this happens is another thing, but this is something that gamers have been demanding for years and years now.

By having an entire reveal event around the PS4 Pro, where Sony didn’t make any claims about the system being the worlds most powerful, there was no indication that the PS4 Pro was anything more than an optional upgrade.

During an interview with Eurogamer this week, Microsoft claimed that Sony’s PlayStation Pro is not capable of outputting games in 4K.

If this is true, Sony will find themselves in big trouble. So far, without even revealing the Scorpio’s form factor, Microsoft has already gone a long way to winning the mid-generational upgrade war. But, is the Scorpio indeed just an upgrade, or is it Microsoft’s next fourth official games console?

Whatever it is, Microsoft Scorpio certainly has the opportunity to go far. PlayStation VR could save Sony, but only if it is priced accessibly to consumers. So far, it hasn’t been.


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