Donald Trump wins U.S. Presidency

For better or worse, Donald Trump is about to be crowned the next President of the United States.

With 270 votes needed to win, the man that many said would never be the Republican nominee for President beat his Democratic nominee rival, Hilary Clinton, with a strong finish in several key states.

Clinton refused to speak to her supporters in the early hours of Wednesday morning, leading many to question her willingness to concede defeat. It was irony at its very best as Trump had been heavily slammed in the media for saying he wouldn’t concede defeat if Hilary won in the votes.

It was a sour ending to an historic night in the United States, leaving Democrats having to wait to hear from their nominee.

Trump secured more votes in Florida and North Carolina, two states crucial to the success or failure of winning on the night.  Trump won Florida by over 100,000 votes, and took out North Carolina, giving another 15 Republican seats in the White House.

Both campaign HQ’s were within a mile of each other in New York City, a first in Presidential Election history.  Thousands of adoring followers stood together in both venues, but there was a very different feel at each.

The outcome in Florida and North Carolina was always going to be crucial, many people said that the candidate who won those states would go on to become the next President. The results jumped in favor of both candidates in Florida throughout the evening, but it was Trump who took the lead midway through the race, a lead he managed to hold on to.

Trump won Georgia, Michigan, and critically Pennsylvania, by a slim margin after being behind in those states earlier in the day. Much focus was on Michigan as it went down to the wire in that state, but Trump came out on top by over 100,000 votes before winning Pennsylvania by nearly 80,000 votes.

Clinton won the big state of Virginia, and followed that up with a crucial win in Colorado, but the Republican nominee Donald Trump always seemed to be an edge ahead as the night went on.

When Clinton won New York there was a small glimmer of hope, but with the losses in Florida and North Carolina, coupled with slim defeats in Michigan and other big states, all hope was fading for Clinton as the late results came in.

Should she have won, Clinton would have become the first female President of the United States.

Many political commentators had predicted a landslide victory for Clinton and the Democrats, but the end result was a tight race. Not only did Trump shock the world by winning Florida, he also won North Carolina, the second key state.

On CNN, there was emotion from Democratic supports as one commentator urged Trump to tell the American people that he will be a President that they can be proud of, and not a bully.

One of the most talked about Presidential Elections of all time ended in a way that political experts didn’t predict, Trump shocked the world with his success with nearly everything against him heading into voting day.


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