PERSONAL: Putting Me First

Life doesn’t always give you what you want, and you’ve got to be comfortable enough within yourself to know that it can all change in a nanosecond. Sometimes things aren’t even personal, but again, people change. What is even more sad, sometimes people change and they grow apart.

That was entirely the case when it comes to the major event in my personal life recently.

What happened between me, and my former partner, wasn’t the business of anyone else.

So why write about it on this blog? Because of all the talk I am hearing, and some of the claims that are being made about disrespect, all of which are entirely untrue. 

It wasn’t a cowardly act at all, it was simply always going to happen.

There were warnings of it too, but I tried to kid myself into thinking that “it was just me”. I even claimed as much, because sometimes you just don’t know if you are overreacting to how your feeling or not.

I know that now, but I wish I had have not left the decision so long. But with that said, if I was actually a coward, I’d have ended things with no explanation.

Now, given that a few people have felt that it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about what is actually a very difficult and unfortunate situation, allow me to talk about them for a moment.

It was mentioned to me recently that maybe I shouldn’t put so much of my personal life on social media. Perhaps, people don’t need to know about our breakup and my feelings on that. I guess it was a case of some people, and I know who they are, saying things like “look here is Mike at it again on Facebook”. What’s funny to me is that they don’t actually say it to my face or send me a message, they’d rather talk about it behind my back. That in turn makes their opinions absolutely irrelevant to me, but I glad that their lives are so exciting that they feel the need to talk about what I put on social media.

Rant over.

I want to talk about the word disrespect for a moment. What is actually disrespectful is allowing other people to talk their banter, and alter in your own mind what the actual reality is. To me, and I actually said this at the time, the truth actually always sits just somewhere in the middle of all the talk.

I made a decision that was best for me, end of story. That doesn’t make me a monster at all. How it happened, I regret, but the warning signs were there well before now. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.


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