Josh Perry eyes Government with Enabling NZ

One of New Zealand’s most vocal disability advocates has launched a political party that has some big goals to make New Zealand a more inclusive and fair society.

Enabling NZ has been formed, and Perry hopes to see more individualised disability funding, increased accessible housing, as well as better accessible public transport and inclusive education systems.

The decision to launch his own political party comes after Perry missed out on a seat on the Dunedin City Council during this years Local Elections. 

During the campaign, Perry was slammed by Dunedin’s highest-polling councillor Lee Vandervis, who was also a mayoral candidate at the time. Vandervis said that Perry would never get into council because of his difficulty speaking.

But Perry is a confident man, and despite missing out on a seat in council, has set his sights on even greater challenges in the political environment.

Perry wants Enabling NZ to be a party that provides good support for Government, alongside either Labour or National. The announcement came on Radio New Zealand this past Tuesday, and Perry is currently seeking members to join Enabling NZ in the hopes of gaining some momentum prior to next years General Election.


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