Joseph Parker’s WBO Title win costs too much

Joe Parker’s big win at Vector Arena last night was something that should have been aired live on free-to-air television.

The fight went all 12-rounds, and Parker won the WBO World Heavyweight Title after a tight majority decision. After the fight, Parker thanked New Zealand and Samoa, meanwhile Andy Ruiz Jr says that he wants a rematch against Parker.

New Zealand Professional Boxing Association boss Lance Revill says that Ruiz Jr was robbed and slammed Parker’s victory.  

Regardless of the result, the event marked an historic moment for New Zealand sport, perhaps the most historic in recent history.

Some would argue that Joseph Parker’s moment of glory may mean more than the Rugby World Cup in 2011, considering the pedigree of the WBO World Heavyweight title.

In order to for people to watch the fight live, it was going to cost $60. That is on top of their already $100 plus Sky Television bill.

How can Sky Television, or Duco Events for that matter, justify such a high price?

Yes, we get that this is a big event, but boxing in general has become far too expensive to justify on the PPV market. It is no wonder that people resorted to illegally streaming the last Parker bout, but those people were chased by Duco in the aftermath and eventually ended up in court.

Duco Events took those people to court over money, make no mistake about that. The illegal streamers were forced to pay $100 to Duco, and pitch in towards the $2600 that Duco claims to have lost.

Duco even threatened to sue for higher damages if people illegally streamed last nights World Title fight. Duco had a team of 15 monitoring for illegal streaming of the fight in Auckland, but the fight itself is reported to have cost $4 million to stage.

As of Sunday morning, Sky TV confirmed that over 1000 people had illegally streamed the fight last night, and court action will be sought.

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