Overhaul of Disability Support Services envisioned by Government

Disability Support Services may get a major overhaul in New Zealand. Photo Credit: NMDHB NZ

The Enabling Good Lives demonstration will continue in the Waikato as the Minister for Disability Issues says systematic change needs to occur.

A co-design group will be formed to oversee what will become a total, systematic change to how people with disabilities are supported in New Zealand. Under the new system, those requiring support will receive a personal budget and the needs assessments will be much more strength based.

A major culture change within the disability support service sector, according to Minister Wagner. A significant revamp to the NASC culture, system, and process is needed. The changes will include a rebranding for the NASC organisations, such as Disability Support Link.

“To date, the disability support system has been more about the system than disabled people”, Wagner said.

The change will be underpinned by the principles of Enabling Good Lives, a direction that strongly supports greater choice and flexibility for people with disabilities. The Government will also use evidence of “what works” in future decisions.

More to come.

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