CCS Disability Action wants Government to seize the day

David Matthews, CEO of CCS Disability Action. Photo Credit: Supplied 

CCS Disability Action says it supports the Governments plan to reform disability support services in New Zealand.

On Thursday, the Minister for Disability Issues announced that a long term transformation of disability support services (DSS) would begin with a co-design approach during early 2017. At the same time, a new pilot was launched for Palmerston North based on the principles of Enabling Good Lives.

CCS Disability Action, a typically conservative organisation supports many of the Governments decisions when it comes to disability issues, and last weeks announcement was no exception.

“There is a clear need to reform disability support services”, the organisations CEO David Matthew said on Friday.

Matthews stressed the importance of a full roll out, saying that the pilot in Palmerston North should be the last. Enabling Good Lives has been the big talking point in the disability sector since 2015, because it’s principles aim to allow disabled people to have more choice and control over their lives and the supports allocated. Pilots in Christchurch and the Waikato are complete, and both regions will continue to work under demonstration phase throughout 2017.

An announcement on the reforms to DSS was expected in late 2016 but due to former PM John Key’s sudden resignation, talks with cabinet were significantly delayed. A decision wasn’t reached until late February.

For CCS Disability Action, work will now continue on how their service provision can continue to incorporate the growing shift towards the self-direction approach. Matthews backs his organisation and urged the Government to be bold moving forward.

“Disabled people have gotten a raw deal for too long, the time for real change is now”, Matthews said.


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