Activ8 Powerchair Football tournament to hit Morrinsville

Morrinsville’s Westpac Events Centre will host the 2017 Activ8 Powerchair Football Tournament on May 28th.

Powerchair Football is played by athletes who use power wheelchairs as a result of a diverse range of disabilities. Loosely based on traditional football, powerchair football sees 4 players per team on the court at any one time with the objective being to score a goal by pushing or flicking an oversize football into the goal. The sport is played indoors on a basketball court and includes both modified day powerchairs and purpose built sports chairs.

Five teams are expected at Activ8; two from Auckland, one from Northland, BOP and Waikato as tournament host. Over 100 spectators will attend and local media coverage is expected.

It is the second Activ8 event to be held with the first tournament also hosted by Waikato, drawing big success in 2016 and is expected to provide an excellent opportunity to show off the sport to local, and national community.  

Powerchair Football has been played in New Zealand over the course of the past five years and has grown to include six regions active in the sport. As a result of the growth, New Zealand is now affiliated with FIPFA, the sport’s international governing body.

Waikato will join one other region to participate in the Oceania tournament in Sydney next January.

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