CCS Disability Action coordinators guilty of poor practice

With coordination charged at $46.00 per hour – CCS Disability Action may need to crack down on poor practice by some within the organisation.

A lack of communication among coordinators, poor management, and a lack of responsibility has led to some clients being left without their entitled support hours.

The Real Michael Pulman understands that a woman in Hamilton was previously left with less than half of her allocated support each day. The woman was entitled, by way of funding based on her needs assessment, to over 50% more of the support she was getting on a weekly basis.

Reasons for the lack of full support hours are believed to be on availability of support workers.

The situation has since been rectified, but problems with the coordination department continue to be at an all-time high.

According to CCS Disability Action’s Memorandum of Understanding with its clients, coordinators are to take responsibility for the organisations policies and protocols that ensure a quality delivery of service to their clients.

These protocols are across all teams of support within the organisation; including Youth & Adult and Vocation services.

Sources have informed The Real Michael Pulman that some coordinators have been found guilty of ‘passing the buck’ following mishaps that have resulted in people being left either without support at all, or with an agency carer as a last-minute replacement.

More to come.

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